29 May 2012

more honey

I've been trying out more "special honeys". Went to a different farm stand and I saw some varieties that aren't available at the other farm stand we usually frequent, so I picked them up. Got a wildflower honey, a blueberry honey and a buckwheat honey.
You can see the different colors here. The wildflower honey is light but kinda reddish, the blueberry honey a bit darker and more red, the buckwheat honey quite dark.
The blueberry honey is popular with my daughter- it definitely has a fruity flavor with hint of blueberries. The wildflower honey is sweet but with a sharp astringent aftertaste. People tell me it's good to eat local wildflower honey if you suffer from seasonal allergies. The buckwheat honey is dark and rich in flavor like the avocado honey; it is sweet but a little bitter by itself. However it's great on waffles or pancakes (I've been using it exclusively instead of maple syrup!) and this jar is already half gone because I used some to make my own barbecue sauce for pulled pork- the first time my kid liked and ate my pulled pork. Yum!

(I might not buy honey from that particular market again though because I was annoyed that after just a little time the ink on the labels started to rub off. The back label had lots of suggestions for how to use the distinct flavors of each honey in cooking but now I can't read it.)


Chris said...

I eat a spoon of local wildflower honey a day and I really do think it has helped my allergies!! I love love love local honey :)

Jeane said...

Someday I want to have my own backyard hive- that would be as local as you can get!