24 May 2012


I think my Garlics are mostly a loss. I'm disappointed, the plants were so beautiful this spring. They were turning yellow and falling over so I figured it was time to pull them, but a lot had mildew. I tried drying them in the sun but it rained intermittently so even though I brought them in the house and put back out when it was sunny, still got some moisture on them.
Today I rubbed off all the outer skins with dirt and mildew, but of the entire crop only this small handful looks salvagable and even then I'm not sure it will be okay to eat. Plus as peeled as they are I don't know if they'll cure properly either.

I think it happened because the winter was so mild they just kept growing and growing and then matured during the rainy spring, instead of maturing during the drier summer. If we keep having mild winters I might have to plant them in early spring instead, so they mature near the end of summer?

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