20 April 2012

rosemary bread

I made a new bread the other day.
From this recipe. I don't have italian seasoning so I made my own little mix of dry oregano, thyme, sage and parsley (the only one of those not from my garden the oregano). I also split the recipe in half early on so I could make one loaf without the herbs, as I wasn't sure if anyone else in my family would like rosemary bread.

This is still a new process with me, so I'm thrilled when I see the yeast surging up from the bottom of the bowl, a living frothing thing. I'm happy when I find my dough has actually risen, first in the bowl
to a bigger shape in the pan
and then the final loaves come out nice and golden.
They were a little flat, I don't know if that's because I used all-purpose flour, not bread flour (which can make it more dense) or because I didn't knead it enough? (all my mixing and kneading done by hand). Regardless, it's much lighter in texture than the last bread I made, so everyone loved it. By the end of the day both loaves were entirely eaten!
I love the rosemary one with just butter, or with honey. I think it just needed a bit more herbs to make the flavor come out more.

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