24 April 2012

the new ones

I should be more careful of making spontaneous plant purchase. The Curry Plant I was so delighted with? It is not edible. I looked it up online to see how large it would grow (no plant tag) and dismayed to find that the wonderful scent is its only redeeming characteristic. The leaves taste bitter, you can't cook with it, nor does it have any medicinal value. I guess the only thing it might do is keep a cat out of your garden, apparently they don't like the smell. And it likes to be dry, so I've planted this one by itself on the edge of the front flower bed, where I usually forget to water anyway.
Well, on a good note, I got all the new herbs into the ground today. Found space throughout the herb bed to tuck them in here and there. I didn't take pictures of them all, but here are the Tarragon
Lemon Thyme
Thai Basil
and the only one that drooped, Pineapple Sage
I've already used more of them; tonight made burgers with Chives, Basil, Thyme (I used a bit of each flavor) and Rosemary. Very tasty. The rosemary was a bit strong, but my kid loved it and begged me to make the recipe again.

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