22 April 2012

new herbs!

Today I went to a garden show and after walking the few blocks of booths, revisited all the ones with plants to pick out some herbs. Found quite a few that had been on my wish-list. I came home with:

Lemon Thyme
Thai Basil- we already used some of this on pizza and it was scrumptious!
French Tarragon
Chives- I've been cutting my green onions to use for chives, but really want to let them get full-grown so glad I have this plant now too.
Curry Plant- this one smells absolutely delicious! but I'm not quite sure what I would cook with it
Pineapple Sage- it really does smell just like pineapple
and Stevia- very sweet. My family was skeptical until I gave them all a leaf in the car, and they all exclaimed with surprise: it tastes like sugar!
They're all sitting in the windowsill waiting for the weather to clear so I can plant them in the garden- because we finally have rain! cold, wind and rain. Nice to have a break from the heat and some normal-feeling spring weather.
I also got some plant tubers and flower bulbs on a whim- the picture of them blooming was so beautiful. Another post on that later.

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