10 April 2012

little cosmos

I have left my Cosmos plants in their biodegradable pots far too long. The poor things look way overgrown for their root space, stunted, and yet are still trying to bloom- most have buds.
I planted a row of them against the house by the driveway today, after digging weeds out and compost in. Then gave each plant a nice spread of coffee grounds to boot. I still think the ones with thicker leaves might be the pinks
and the ones with thin foliage the orange flowers, as those look more familiar to me. But still not sure.
I got a most unexpected compliment on my compost, by the way. My daughter and her friend pulled off the tarp that was protecting the finished pile and started playing in it. When I told them to stop, my daughter protested: we didn't know what it was! I thought it was a pile of dirt! She knows very well what kind of yucky stuff goes into making compost, and how valuable it is to the garden, so would never play in it voluntarily. Never occurred to her to wonder why mommy would carefully cover up a pile of dirt, of course. But I'm grinning inside that she thought it was just old dirt. That's the finest, best-finished compost I ever made yet!


Chris said...

My cosmos are all starting to bloom now!! I just sprinkled seeds directly onto the soil and let whatever wanted to come up come up :p I got tons! LOL

Jeane said...

The slugs would get mine too soon, if I just scattered seed like that! I have to put them out as older plants.