15 April 2012

jades and oregano

I've rearranged all these little plants.
The three tiny Oreganos moved into a larger pot to keep each other company
so that I could put the quintuplet Jade plants each into its own miniature clay pot.
While I was at it, repotted all the rest of my jade collection. I wanted to try mixing a growing medium particularly for the succulents- half sand and half potting soil. They prefer fast-draining soil. These two are still in their own pots, just with the new soil mix.
The largest one doesn't seem too happy- it had very little root system and felt top-heavy so I trimmed its stems back some.
Of course I had to save its latest babies, I can't help myself. They went into the little scallop-edged pot the quintuplets just vacated.
And the first two that I think of as "the twins" went into a SIP together. They're the only ones I didn't put in a sandy mix, as I'm not sure if the fast-draining soil would properly wick up water from the reservoir? so we'll see how they each do, which one better: sub-irrigated, or sandy potting medium?


Chris said...

So jealous of your little jades!! The one cutting that I did and put into a SIP seems to be doing good though :) I just snipped off a rogue branch from my plant, dipped it in some root growing hormone and put it in some soil. Looks like it's about to put out some new leaves!

Jeane said...

yay! you've finally got one going! I'd send you some of mine, I have too many, don't know why I keep growing more ha ha.