29 April 2012


For making a small donation, the Arbor Foundation will send you trees. I now have a dozen baby trees on my patio. I will probably only plant two or three in my yard, the rest will get swapped- I just don't have the space for so many trees! nor do I want all the shade... I know I'm keeping the Lilac, and then can't make up my mind about Dogwood, Hawthorn, Crabapple...
They really should go straight in the ground but until I've decided what to do with them all I'm hoping they'll survive in the biggest pots I have.

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Chris said...

I've thought of donating myself and getting some trees :) I'm wanting to eventually buy a house with a sizable amount of land…hopefully at least an acre..the area I'm looking in, it's pretty affordable..So I could hopefully plant a decent amount of trees!!