21 April 2012


I have spent the day outside weeding all the beds. Sad to find that the faint greenery I saw from a distance was never all Carrot and Beet seedlings- it was mostly weeds in those plots. When I took all the unwanted plants out, I only have a dozen carrots and even fewer beets left. Either they didn't germinate well or something ate them. I know the carrots got munched on- I found a bunch of naked stems. Put out beer traps but I didn't catch a single slug (good, now I know the coffee grounds are working to keep them at bay) but instead a lot of tiny earwigs. I didn't know earwigs ate veggies!
It was dismaying. But the rest of the garden looks well, and the baby is delighted to spend time outside, pulling grass, tearing apart dandelion heads, squinting at the blue sky.
I think I might start some more beets and carrots, to fill in the gaps. Only a third of my Chard ever grew, too, so that needs more seed sown as well.

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