01 April 2012

for kitty

Planted two pots on the porch for my cat: some wheatgrass for him to chew on, and catnip. Don't know if he'll appreciate it; I grew catnip a few years ago and he didn't pay any attention to the plant. Maybe if I dry it he'll like it better.


terra said...

i grow a combo of wheat, oat, barley, and rye grass for Luxme. she loves the stuff, i catch her chewing on it almost every day. we tried catnip last year and she never touched the stuff. i remember Abbey cat loving the catnip to death.

Jeane said...

Yes, I remember Abby eating the catnip- she would chew up the entire plant! My cat just doesn't seem to realize there's anything attractive about it!

terra said...

some cats don't get a buzz or high from catnip. i remember Abbey smothering the catnip by sitting on it