11 April 2012

bugle blue

The Bugleweed is now blooming in the corner of my front bed
where I tried to dig it out and move it last year!
The spot I moved the plants to, under my front yard trees, has a few that bloomed but the spikes aren't as big, nor the color as good.
I find I much prefer bugleweed to grape hyacinths. The color is bolder, and I don't like the hyacinth foliage that looks like grass overgrown into my flowerbed. Bugleweed foliage lies low to the ground, unobtrusive yet keeping weeds smothered. As long as it doesn't get invasive... which is why I want it mostly in the beds around the trees, which have higher walls to keep it contained.

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patsy said...

I just found your blog and I love it. I have been going back thro' read your garden post in the past.
I love to grow garden. my special love is roses. I live in arkansas.