09 March 2012

sub-irrigated tomatoes

It's been about a week since I started watering my Tomato seedlings by different methods- some from the top, others from the bottom (I started the watering experiment a few days before the previous post on it).

And so far it's proven itself to me. The sub-watered Cherry Tomatoes only needed water once in six days; it was quite easy to tell by the darkened or lighter sides of the cardpots if they had dried out yet.
The top-watered B and B Tomatoes needed water every day, a few times I got away with watering them once every other day. They don't look quite as robust as the other ones, either.


Chris said...

Wow! I can definitely tell a difference! The sub irrigated ones look so much healthier. They look gorgeous actually!! This is so fun :D

Jeane said...

ha ha, I just can't stop myself with this. I've found another water-bottle to turn into a planter (think I'll put another pepper or okra seedling in it) and I've started watering my lettuce and broccoli seedlings with this method.

Chris said...

Just planted some romas like this today and I think I'm hooked :p