08 March 2012

sub-irrigated pot 3

I made yet another one. With another scavenged soda bottle. This one big enough to put a houseplant in. Trying to save my Cyclamen from the mold in its crown so I figured this is a good way to keep the top dry and the bottom well-watered. Turns out it was a good choice, when I got the plant out of its pot discovered it was very root-bound:
Here it is all settled in! Excuse the terrible color; I took these photos indoors at night under the flourescents.
I used a polyester felt batting this time for the wick; bought it special at the craft store. I was kinda tickled to read on the label that the felt itself is made from recycled plastic water bottles. So the entire thing is recycling.

Next morn it had used two-thirds of the water I gave it and looks quite happy.


Chris said...

You can really tell the difference in this one after just one day!! I think I'm going to have fun this weekend experimenting with this stuff :D I have a few seeds I want to start even though it's a bit late for doing that, but I think I may just try this method!

Jeane said...

It looks like a perfectly happy plant so far, not even any of the usual shock from transplanting. I'm crossing my fingers hoping the fungus is vanquished!