24 March 2012

spring flowers

The Daffodils are almost done blooming. Most are faded now. This was my favorite clump; it grew along in the back of the yard. I marked it with sticks hoping to remember to dig it up and move in the fall.
Now the Tulips are brightening the yard! My favorite is still this solo pink one with wavy leaves.
I also like the purples.
Some are opened so wide they look flat like saucers.
The yellow ones with flame centers are striking.
The reds are so bold they remind me of poppies. Their color steals the eye from the rest.


Chris said...

None of my bulbs except for my irises bloomed :( Think the winter was just too short :( Glad you posted yours though :) Those are gorgeous!

Jeane said...

I wish I had weeded the bed before I took the pictures!