13 March 2012

potting up

For some reason my Tomatoes have all been looking peaky suddenly, whereas the Peppers are fantastic. I think they're the most beautiful, thriving peppers I've ever grown. Not sure what made the difference this year. Is it because I germinated them in sterile seed mix, giving them a better start? only some are growing in sub-irrigated planters, the rest in plastic pots. Some have been under lamps continually, the others are in windowsills (the same sills that held the tomatoes).
Regardless, the Tomatoes needed bigger containers and regular sunshine so today I undertook the task to pot up a bunch of veggie plants. First I had to rinse and sterilize all the re-purposed pots, then poke holes in the bottoms of some. Here are the Cherry Tomatoes getting set into their new pots
All thirteen Tomatoes got set outside under the plastic box "greenhouse".
I also potted up six of my best Basil plants
two Summer Savory
and two Marjoram. The marjoram plants all look pretty sad. I hope they recover and grow better.

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