28 March 2012

Pepper SIPs

My bigger Peppers have all been moved out into the coldframe, where they seem to be flourishing. It's lovely to see the frame full of greenery!
I have two smaller Ancho Peppers just recently moved from their seedling tray into bottle SIPs in the windowsill.
I looked pics of these up online to see what kind of pepper ancho is and was surprised. They looked just like the peppers I got last year that A. said were poblanos. A little googling gave me the answer to this: they're the same pepper. Fresh ones are called poblanos, when they're dried more often called ancho.

The Bell Peppers have gotten so large they almost don't fit in the coldframe anymore:
It's rather cool to see the roots growing, through the clear sides of the bottle SIPs. But I do wonder how easily I'll get the plants out of there when its time to put them in the ground...


MOM said...

It should be easy to just cut the bottle off.

Jeane said...

But then I can't reuse them.