10 March 2012

new greenery!

Tiny green leaves are unfurling on one of my daughter's potted Apple trees. I'm glad to see it breaking into leaf!
I cut back a bunch of dead stuff off the pot of Mums
and found lots of greenery bursting out on that plant, too. Mean to find a place for it in the ground this year.
Inspired by the apple tree I walked around the yard and tested upper branches of all the hardwoods I transplanted last year: all three of the Crepe Myrtles and the flowering Crabapple. Delighted to find that under a sliver of bark peeled with fingernail there was bright spring green. They're all alive!! I didn't kill any baby trees this time. Glad.

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Chris said...

Glad to see the apple tree doing well :D I cut back my mums too and I have new blooms coming up now!