17 March 2012

c. myrtle circle

I planted some flowers today. A pink and purple mix of anemones, or windflowers. Bought the bulbs from a fundraiser at my kid's school months ago.
Yesterday I prepared the spot, digging weeds and grass out of a wider circle around each crepe myrtle that flanks the steps from my driveway to patio. Wedged in some pieces of roofing tile to block the grass from growing back in (probably not the best material, but I had some so I used it).
The younger myrtle I found its soil was really heavy clay still, so I mixed more compost in. Pushed about twenty-three of the small black bulbs into the circle around each crepe myrtle. I'm crossing my fingers they grow.
Found when I was working so close to the shrubs that a few opened seedpods clung to the tips of branches. They have a beautiful wedged star shape. I never thought of saving the seed to grow more crepe myrtles, though I suppose it's possible...


Chris said...

Those seedpods really are beautiful :) I love how concious you are of reusing materials!! Always love that about you :)

Jeane said...

It just seems to come naturally to me! Last year during a storm those roofing squares all blew into my yard. I worried forever they were off my roof but never could spy any damage so I think they came from a neighbor's. I've buried some in different parts of the garden to keep soil from washing out of the beds when it rains heavy- in the corners particularly where the bricks don't meet up square.