24 June 2011

things happening

I haven't had much chance to get out and photograph in the garden, but things are happening there in spite of my neglect (at weeding and plant-tending in general). The Hosta are all blooming; the front-yard ones with delicate purple sprays and the back-yard ones with pretty white flowers. Morning glories are climbing my patio fence. On the back fence some Hibiscus are starting to bloom. I have one large Sunflower plant and three smaller; the rest just didn't grow. Not nearly enough to make a bold statement...

I don't know why my Basils haven't grown like last year; they're not even knee high but already flowering. Picked their heads off in hopes of keeping them in leaf a little longer. The few Cilantro I have are flowering too, and two of the potted Mints on the porch (chocolate mint sans flores). The other cuttings I got from neighbor- Lavender and Rosemary- are beginning to thrive and just one small piece of the Sage is still alive. I hope I can pull that one through; it would be my only loss of the trade.

Ants are crawling all over my Rhubarb which looks incredibly sad. I'm wondering if it will survive this year. I think we just have the wrong climate for Rhubarb, it likes cooler summers. The Tomatoes are coming! Lots of fat green ones on the beefsteak plants and we've just begun to start eating the Cherries. They're the fattest sweetest cherry tomatoes I've grown yet. Lettuce is bolting tall and I'm leaving it alone now as it looks decorative. Chard leaves are getting large, I need to start cutting it for egg dishes and stuff.

Hopefully soon I'll get some photos to show you it all.

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