30 June 2011

last and first

Recent salad made with the very last of my Simspon Lettuce, and some of the first Cherry Tomatoes.
The lettuce had been cut weeks earlier and kept in the fridge between damp paper towels. All the other lettuces in the garden have bolted and grown into towers; I cut their tops off because I don't need flowers and seeds this year, but I like the tall plants.
They're pretty against the house.
On the other side of that bed my Chard is getting quite large!
The Beefsteak Tomatoes are all still green, not even a hint of blush.
They're look much healthier than the tomato plants I grew last year. I have high hopes for some capresi soon.


Chris said...

It all looks amazing Jeane! Especially that salad!! And your tomatoes look so good and healthy!! Your chard too! I planted one chard plant this year and I got nothing...the bugs just keep eating it down :(

Jeane said...

I scatter used coffee grounds around the base of the plants, and that keeps most of the slugs away.