21 June 2011


This is the end of last year's Garlic. I only had five heads left, but noted that each time I cut a new one off the bunch to peel, most of the cloves were bad. So decided I ought to pull them all apart and save what was useful in the fridge.
I didn't end up with much. This little jar is just a bit bigger than the tiny jam-sample jar I usually save cloves in. Some of the heads only gave me one good clove; all of them at least half were shriveled and brown or fuzzy white with mold. It was not a pleasant task peeling them all to find the good ones (I have a thing with moldy food). There weren't any nice enough to save for planting, either. So I'll have to start over next year. Maybe I'll buy a new variety...

There are still a few volunteer/last year Garlic plants out in the garden. I'm guessing they're almost ready to be harvested, just need to go out and dig one up and see. But after weeks and weeks of hot weather we finally got rain, so I've left them alone again now.

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