25 May 2011


Those past two weeks of posts had been pre-scheduled. Because, as you probably already know (if you read my other blogs) I went into the hospital on the 9th to deliver my baby girl. Here she is!
Such a little girl to take up all my time. So it's been quite three weeks since I've walked around my yard outside, much less done any gardening. I took a brief survey of the neglect a few days ago. Most things are growing vigorously, especially the weeds! I've lost a Broccoli plant and a few Green Beans to bugs; the Tomatoes are all sporting flowers, the Strawberry patch is full of fruit, the Beets in nice lush rows of red stems. Swiss Chard seems to be lagging behind the rest. And I missed the blossoming of my Peony plant- all the heavy blooms are flat on their faces now as I forgot to stake it again. A few of my pink Cosmos mix bloomed -although on very small plants- under the window. They are a most beautiful purple; I'll get pictures soon. When I've managed to clear up the weeds; it's embarrassing to show photos of my weedy garden! But at least it's mostly still alive!

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Chris said...

Like we care about weeds :p She is so so so gorgeous Jeane!!! Congrats again :)