04 May 2011


Several of the swapped plants I got have begun to revive. The Mints are looking nice. Chocolate Mint:
and the other kind:
and the Lemon Balm is beginning to lift its leaves again:
So I have good hopes for them!


Chris said...

They all look so good!! My lemon balm is awesome...I cut it and dry it and a week later it's completely full again! I've heard that the plants will grow quite big! It's really good to put in the bath too by the way...and it's supposed to help stings...and my mom accidentally put it in spaghetti sauce last weekend thinking it was thyme :p And it came out QUITE good!

Jeane said...

Yeah, the neighbor's plant she cut this piece off of was at least a foot wide and two feet tall! I'll have to remember that when I put it into the garden proper, to leave enough space for it. Do you dry it for making tea?