06 May 2011


Started to turn over my compost pile today. Had so much cut grass from the sudden spring growth I had an entire second pile started just with clippings and a few bags of last fall's leaves mixed in. (The orange buckets are from my indoor system- all came out of the mudroom to get emptied today).
Fed all the Green Beans- I think they're big enough now the pill bugs that inevitably multiply in my compost won't bother their leaves.
 Also put some around the baby trees- crab apple, Crepe Myrtles and Garlics. And fed the Broccoli plants. I love how vivid the green colors look against the black mulch now.
Tomorrow if I have enough energy I'll finish turning the pile and feed the bigger Tomato plants and the Hostas...


Chris said...

Everything is looking so good Jeane! I can't get over all of your green bean plants :) Y'all will have lots this year!

Jeane said...

I'm hoping to can more than i did last year.