02 May 2011


It's so nice to just sit out on the patio in the evenings now, and watch the birds flit through the air, try and recognize their voices. Besides the ubiquitous robins and sparrows, I've seen several cardinals hanging around
and yesterday saw my first catbird. Hear the mourning doves but don't see them very often. There's also a blue jay often in the yard, but I've still never managed to get a photo of him. I often hear a woodpecker rapping in the trees but haven't seen him again yet either.

That pathetic plastic-bottle birdfeeder I made was a failure! When it rained the contents all got soggy, and then at some point it fell down. I just started scattering seed out of it onto the ground, to watch the birds pick through it there for a while.

I need to learn how to get better pictures of the birds. I do so enjoy watching them.

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Chris said...

Aww...I love cardinals SO MUCH!!! We only get very few here...I'm always happy when I see one. We do get lots of bluejays though and I think they're beautiful too :)