02 April 2011

young plants

Spent an hour doing stuff with little plants. First put my biggest Tomato plant into a pot (recycled container- used to hold soup!).
Then moved it outside into the plastic case. Moved the Broccolis into the plastic shelter too, as they were getting too tall for the coldframe. I'd put them in pots as well, as their roots are growing out the bottom, but am hoping this weekend when we have a day of sun I can just put them in the ground.
I've lost one broccoli and another Tithonia to chomping bugs, so before I put them into the plastic cover first carefully moved each cardpot into a new tray and checked between them. The lower sides of almost every pot had lots of little pill bugs clinging to them, hiding in the gaps. Found two small fat slugs, as well. Scraped them all off into the trash. Now the plastic container is full, I put the Tithonias in there as well, as they don't seem to like the cold. (The cardboard strips hold the sides up so it doesn't collapse on top of the plants).
The two seedlings trays of lettuce that had been under plastic got moved up, too. Put them all the little plants into short cardpots (toilet paper tubes cut in half). I really don't need more lettuce seedlings but hate to throw away growing plants! Perhaps I can swap them with someone on Craigslist for other plants... maybe a pepper or too, as I don't have many of those...
They're settled in the coldframe now.

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