07 April 2011

rhubarb buds

The Rhubarb just keeps growing.
Today I noticed these swollen buds deep in the largest plant; at first I thought it was going to make another group of leaves but no; it's flower buds! I guess the fact that it's trying to flower means my plant is healthy and mature, but I must cut them off- otherwise the plant puts too much energy into flowering and not enough into the leaves for next year's growth. So I've read.
For the moment I've left them alone as they look so curious, but as soon as the stem lengthens a bit I'm going to chop them off.


Chris said...

I want rhubarb so bad...I can't find it anywhere here though :( Don't know if maybe it doesn't do well this far south.

Jeane said...

I couldn't find it sold in any nurseries here; I had to ask to have some starts special ordered. I don't think it does well in the heat, though, I had trouble getting mine through the summer.