20 April 2011

planting out

We've been hit with a succession of thunderstorms lately, it's the season of heavy rain. So I took advantage of the mild weather today (plus a boost in energy) to do some weeding and planting in the garden. First I cleaned up the Strawberry patch, and fed them some compost. I realize I'm late doing this; I should have fed them weeks ago when I gave compost to the rhubarb. I didn't read up much on strawberry care.... but anyway, the plants look healthy enough
and a few are even sporting little white flowers!
Then I planted out my three biggest "mystery" Tomatoes into their spot
and in the next space over, some Bell Peppers.
Sowed a handful of Cilantro seed around them.
In the next space over, delighted to find the little Carrots coming up! in neat little rows like tiny blades of grass (plus some volunteer Cilantro among them).
Last of all I put out my Tithonias (not sure how they'll do, I forgot to amend the soil here by the patio fence and it's quite rocky, heavy clay)
and Marigolds all around the edge of the garden.
Now just sit back and watch it all grow!

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