22 April 2011

more planting

The weather so nice and mild, a cloudy morning with several days of rain following (predicted) I took advantage to set more plants in the ground. Managed to finish just as the rain started. First put all the rest of my Tomatoes out. Just recently pulled more Carrots, which were not nearly as big as the first bunch
so decided to leave the rest where they are, let them grow larger, and plant the Tomatoes around them. I've heard they make good companions.
The Cherry Tomatoes got their own space. And I marvel over the vivid color of the mystery trio- they look like the most fantastic tomato plants I've ever grown!
 Here's one with raindrops on it:
Also put out the other two Pepper plants, and fitting little tiny Basils into all the gaps.
On the other side of the garden I planted out some of the Echinacea
put two Thyme plants into the ground
and five of the Parsley ones.
All that's left in the coldframe now is some extra basil and parsley,
and on a cinderblock by the door in pots one remaining little tomato and the two other thyme plants.
I want to see if I can get the first two thru the winter in the ground- by cutting them down and covering with mulch or just an upturned container? before I plant out the others- they'll stay potted for now and come inside to windowsills again. Or so is my plan.

Inside there's teensy Oreganos on the windowsill still. I'm not sure when they'll be big enough to plant outside...


Chris said...

Oh wow, Jeane! Everything looks so amazing :D Aren't you excited that it's growing time?

Jeane said...

O yes!