04 April 2011

merry marigolds

More and more Marigolds! Those photos I posted the day before were actually about a week old; these little plants grew fast under the lamps (I don't have any actual grow lights but have been using just regular lamps in the house. They seem happiest under the energy-saver type bulbs that are twisty-shaped. Someday I'll get me some proper lights!) I had about twenty-six plants in this tray, and they're the best-looking Marigold seedlings I've grown yet. I really like this new method of using recycled trays with the lids still on them (I think this large square one used to hold muffins from the grocery-store bakery); it's far easier to keep them covered while germinating and then control the humidity when the seedlings are growing, just by adjusting how far the lid is open, or closing it up.
Anyway, they all got moved into cardpots today. Quite a few were droopy with shock afterwards, so I'm keeping them indoors for a day or two in the mudroom before putting them in brighter light or outside in the coldframe (if the weather is nice).
(All recycled materials- biodegradable pots are simply toilet-paper tubes, and the blue trays came from the grocery store- they used to hold mushrooms!)

Finally a year when I think I'll have enough Marigolds in the garden!

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