14 April 2011

marigolds and others

Thinking over what needs to be done in the garden these next close weeks before my baby comes. I want to get everything in the ground so I can just forget about tending windowsills and the coldframe, and cross my fingers against slugs (or arm my daughter with a bottle of cheap beer).

I've still got Marigolds under a lamp inside
that need to get planted out- the older ones in the garden already are doing well.
I have lots of plants in cardpots that need to get planted: Tithonia, Cosmos, Parsley, lots of extra Lettuce if I can find room for them. Tomatoes and Peppers in pots. Also Basil, Oregano and Echinacea still pretty tiny. Once those are all in (waiting for a sunny day and the assurance of no more frost) the ground I want to seed into the garden Cilantro around the peppers and Sunflowers across the back of the beds.

I've just started some Green Beans (my saved seed) in cardpots and have others soaking to go straight into the ground (store seed).

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