22 April 2011

green beans!

I've given up on the Peas ever emerging in the garden; went ahead and put some Tomatoes in their space yesterday. Almost given up on the seed-packet Green Beans I direct-planted; they soaked too long and got stinky I'm afraid they were ruined. But delighted to find the Beans I planted in windowsill cardpots from my saved seed have begun sprouting, and how quickly they grow! Just yesterday only a few elbows were barely poking out of the soil surface
and now the leaves are all starting to unfold:


Chris said...

Oh yay!!! I probably won't do beans until the fall..my garden is far too full, lol.

Jeane said...

Your climate is so different from mine! I can't grow them in fall- they like our summer weather. Are you actually able to grow stuff all year round?

Chris said...

Yep! Aside from maybe late December, early January, no problems at all...but even then, I had carrots and turnips that did really well! And my herbs just never die...they grow all year round :)