06 April 2011

and tomatoes

The rest of my Tomatoes aren't very big yet, but certainly filling up their seedling trays.
So this morning I moved them all into cardpots.
Every single seed I planted in these trays germinated, so I now have eight each of Beefsteak and Sweetie Cherry tomatoes; more than we need (plus the three mystery tomatoes already potted). I'll probably just set the largest ones into the garden and give the others away. Usually about six beefsteak and two or three cherry tomato plants make plenty for our little family.


Chris said...

They look great! Don't you just love the smell of tomato plants? I'm so excited about my tomatoes this year..in addition to the normal ones I grow, I have a purple cherokee and a yellow heirloom!

Jeane said...

O yes, I love the scent of their leaves. The first year I had volunteer tomato plants come up in the garden I identified them by rubbing the leaves with my fingers. The smell was unmistakable!

Chris said...

I would go as far as to wear the scent :p But not so crazy others would like that, lol