14 March 2011

veggie seedlings

My computer's been down, so no recent pictures or updates on the gardening (which is slow going this year). I've got a bit of veggie seeds started in trays and in the last few weeks most of them have sprouted.

Broccoli- they got overwatered at first and a few collapsed but then recovered to grow upright again; that's why they look all leaning and crowded.
Tomatoes- only a few actually grew from one tray, which lost its label, and the other tray got knocked off the windowsill by the cat. So I don't have many tomatoes, and don't know which ones they are! I'm going to start a new set as soon as I can, of both the cherry and heirloom varieties.
Lettuces- are doing the best, already in the coldframe outside. A nice handful of little Simpson plants (seen here) and also a few Romaine. We've been eating up the overwintered Simpson lettuces out of the old garden patch, they have quite a sharp taste but good with the right kind of dressing.
Bell peppers and a few hot ones- but I don't know what, it was a variety pack- have just started sprouting now that it got warmed. I warmed the bottom of their tray a few times in the oven set on low to give the seeds a jump-start.

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