21 March 2011


What a wonderful surprise the garden gave me yesterday, the first day of spring. Lovely lovely Carrots! I've been watching these overwintered plants growing vigorously, but didn't expect much of them until today I noticed some had nice, fat orange shoulders just sticking above the ground. So I pulled some up. And look at what I got!
I've never had such beautiful Carrots before. The longest are six and seven inches. And the taste is amazing. We munched some up raw, it was delicious. I kind of left them in the garden at the end of last fall as a what-the-heck let's see what happens move. But now I think I'm going to plant fall carrots on purpose for a spring harvest, just like I do with garlic. I'm so delighted.


Chris said...

OMG they're gorgeous!! I pulled all of my carrots too soon this year :( I know next year just to be patient so that I can enjoy them!

Jeane said...

It's so hard to wait for them to get big enough sometimes.