23 March 2011

seedlings fail

Some of my seedlings have not done well. The Rosemary, Oregano, Chives and Sage have not shown any signs of growing. I've only got Parsley so far. And a little Basil- just four plants came up, one withered, one is stunted and only two are doing just okay. I planted another tray of them a week or so ago, hoping for better results.
Of the two Tomato trays I seeded- one of Cherry tomatoes, the other Heirloom Beefsteak- one didn't grow and the other lost its label. So I replanted another tray of each (not knowing what I've got). Happy to find the Cherry Tomatoes just coming up a few days ago, and the Beefsteak just began sprouting today. But then I put the new Cherry seedlings out in the sun too soon. When I saw they were wilting quickly I moved them into the shade- but then they were uncovered and when I came back after being gone for a bit, some critter had dug a hole in the tray and destroyed all my Cherry Tomato seedlings! I bet it was a squirrel. Restarted them yet again today.

So I've restarted quite a few herbs, and also the Coneflowers. I'm really disappointed these didn't grow yet- it's one of the plants I want most to grow this year, and so far I'm having no luck starting the seed. Maybe they'll do better if I plant them direct in the ground when the soil is warm enough outside.

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