14 March 2011

herb seedlings

These little plants are Parsley that started from the seed I got out of my Mom's garden! I'm so happy they're growing.
 There's something coming up in the tray of Sage seed I planted from hers, too- but they look odd so I'm not sure if I've got weed sprouting in there from the potting mix or my actual herb seed. I had some Rosemary seed planted too, but nothing ever grew from it.

I've got some Cilantro going in a pot in a windowsill, too. Funny, I planted two pots of it and only one pot grew anything. Not sure why. Going to stick a few more seeds in the empty pot and see if I can get more going. My husband loves fresh Cilantro.
My Oregano plants that had been inside all winter, are dead. Fail. But in the tray of herb seed it looks like some are actually sprouting, alongside a row of Chives and more Parsley. If I manage to get them to grow it will be the first time I've got any of these started successfully from seed (they're still way too small to get a photo yet).

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