01 February 2011

taking stock

The other day I got excited at the store saw seed packets on sale! I was so tempted to get some veggie seeds and start them in the windowsills, even though we still have six inches of ice and snow on the ground. But then reminded myself I have jars of seed in the fridge at home, so I pulled them out today to check what I've got, before I go shopping.

Turns out that was a very good idea.

I usually plant about twenty-five varieties of vegetables and herbs, plus a few flowers. Last year I only had to buy half of that as new seed, because I had enough saved.
This year, I only need to buy two kinds of seed: beets and carrots. I also want to get another variety of Cosmos, pink if I can find it, all my seed are orange and yellow ones. But I'm very happy that I have saved seed of everything else! About two-thirds are just what's leftover in last year and the year before's packets; the rest are from my own plants, and I've also got a handful of seed from my mom's herbs (which I'm very excited to see if I can grow!)
This means now I can spend more money on potting soil, which I really need to rejuvenate the houseplants and start stuff early enough indoors. Also I could try some new veggie varieties and flowers, but I don't think I will. We'll have a new baby in the house by spring and I don't know if I'll have the energy to try and learn how to grow new plants. As is, I'm not going to do corn or celery again (even though I have the seed) because they pretty much failed me last year. Just sticking with what I know and what grows easily, this time around.

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