18 February 2011

happiness is a cat

I am so glad of the rhubarb. Because of it, I found my cat again!

Our indoor kitty Numa went missing on the 3rd; she escaped out the door on a very cold snowy day and ran off. She was gone for fifteen days. We put up signs in the neighborhood, filed a lost report with local shelters, asked everyone we saw, posted on craigslist. Nothing.

But last night I remembered my new rhubarb was exposed to the cold, and went outside in the dark with a flashlight, to cover them up.
I saw something dark on the lawn. Thought it was my indoor-outdoor cat, Irwin. But when I approached it bolted, heading out of the yard. I crouched down and called "kitty-kitty-kitty" and the cat turned and came to me, meowing. Didn't sound like Irwin, but I wasn't sure until she got close it was our missing Numa! She purred like a motor right into my arms. She's thin and hungry and very affectionate (not usually a lap cat) and we are so glad to have her home again.
Thanks to the rhubarb!

I keep wondering where she was. I'd searched and called all over the yard, many times. Was she hiding the entire time under the shed, afraid to come out except at night? Was she wandering and just found her way home? why didn't she follow Irwin back to the house? I'm sure she was hungry, and I have a feeling he saw her out and about, as he didn't act surprised or affectionate at all to see her home again, just gave her a cursory sniff. Where was she all this time? How I wish she could talk...


Chris said...

Awwww...I'm so glad she came back :D That's fantastic news :)

Jeane said...

Me too. We were afraid she was gone forever.