27 January 2011


All my Dumb Cane plants are getting so leggy! They seem healthy enough otherwise; keep putting out new leaves. I think there just isn't enough light here in my lower-level of the house during the winter. Also some of the larger leaves are curling, perhaps because of the cold?

It's hard to find a spot to make them happy. At night when it's colder I've been setting them on top of the fridge where there's a heat vent nearby, and misting with water so they don't get too dry.
During the day I set them on a makeshift shelf in the mudroom near the window. No heat, but for a little protection I've draped a towel over piece of old carpet wedged between them and the wall.

Come spring I think I'll chop the tops off to restart a new plant and let those in the pots get fuller.

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