11 May 2018

into paper pots

Moved from trays into folded brown-paper pots the columbine seedlings-
the last few smaller celosia, and all the leeks (only nine)
Green beans grew so large, so quick. I didn't have enough soil for the largest pots yet, so they'll have to move twice
They are so dang healthy-looking compared to all the other green beans I've started previous years. Not going back to cardboard tubes, nohow- if that was part of the reason. Makes me hope they can be strong enough to repel the bugs that will come...
Warm enough nights now, most young plants are spending it outside, some shifted into the coldframe. Only tithonia and mountain mint really need to be tucked indoors still. Coleus out on the decking, in a week I'll plant them in the yard. Moved some cosmos around in the garden, thinned the beets and swiss chard, am eating arugula and sage often but nothing else yet...

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