10 April 2018

plants and snail note

In the window tank, I was pleasantly surprised to see the crypt undulata hasn't melted. In fact, some of the plants- including this tiny bit near the front glass- are growing new leaves. But they're also sending up seeking feeder roots, so I guess not enough nutrients (no surprise) and I wonder how they'll do long-term. Behind it you can see my creeping buce survived the winter cold just fine.
These little crypt willisii got uprooted during last tank cleaning and I had to resituate them. The slightly larger one is doing better, stays in place and is sending out new leaves.
I dropped the largest ramshorn snail in here. Perry bit at it right away, eagerly investigating. I thought he had managed to eat it, since didn't see it for a few days. This morning saw the snail again- not moving much. Not sure if the colder nights have made it sluggish, or if it is keeping closed up against fish attacks... Also the center of its whorl looks suddenly pale. I guess this tank has lower levels of calcium- the trumpet snails in here often have very white tips. Hm.

Well, the other four small ramshorn are still in this little glass box. Which now holds all the loose subwassertang I gathered from three tanks, and hornwort floaters.
Also a few tiny bits of buce 'green' that were so small, no roots to tie them down by. Hoping they grow out a bit.
I know it is a very small container even for just snails. It's not even half a gallon- maybe a quart? I don't plan on keeping the snails in here long-term. Right now they get a water change every few days, I siphon out the waste with an airline and add some fresh tank water. They seem content enough feeding on the algae off the hornwort
and dead bits off the subwassertang
My plan was to have something like this to hold a reserve of ramshorns to keep a supply to feed Perry- if he learns how to eat them himself, that is. I like this container better than the hornwort vase, which is starting to collect algae and difficult to reach into the base of it. Thinking of emptying that out and keeping these two glass jars- with just a snail or two each...

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