31 March 2018

new plants!

I was very pleased to do a swap two weeks ago- still catching up here on the blog- of aquarium plants with a fellow local "planted tanker". (My phrase). I gave him a sampling of buces, several medium-sized crypt lutea and crypt wendtii bronze, a half dozen crypt parva and a rhizome piece of crypt retrospiralis (which I didn't want to pull because I have a few and mine are growing so slow. But one rhizome was sticking out so I clipped it off and showed him how my willisii grow from tiny pieces).

In return I got: a handful of frogbit and red root floaters
I really like the frogbit. Hoping it will do well and maybe replace hornwort in here
A small clump of riccia. I don't quite know what to do with this yet, but it sure is a cool plant.
floated some in my window tank-
some very minute, known to be rare, anubias nana 'pangolino'. It's the smallest anubias ever.
They were culture-grown, so this clump of rhizome is kind of a lumpy mess but already I see new leaf growth
I tied most of them to bits of rock to hold down, and placed under my bolbitis driftwood. They look very much like buce!
Here's the one clumpy piece, in the tank.
Also a very lovely crypt undulata- long softly copper-brown foliage.
It had quite a bit of BBA along the leaf edges, which I cleaned off in a dip and manually pinched off using my fingernails. I didn't get it all- and the amano shrimps immediately started eating it.
I did put a few of the small individual crypt undulata in the window tank, just to see how they do.
Also this lovely anubias lanceolata, it's quite a bit larger than my others. I thought by the red stem it was another anubias afzelii? but he tells me they are maybe the same plant, with various names. Not sure. But I like it.
It's gone into my tenner, replacing the crypt lutea that was back there. I was beginning to dislike its appearance, how the foliage spread sideways and tangled into the rotalas, so happy to swap it.
Also a few rocks. "Dragon stone". Thinking what to do with them...

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