25 February 2018

tenner conditions

I doubled up my filtration. Added a second sponge- on the same airline, so it's not really more flow (further disruption of the surface could lower C02 levels for the plants). I used a splitter and put a valve on one line, to adjust the amount of air going to each filter, otherwise it all went thru one.
I don't really like the look of two rows of bubbles going in the background, but oh well. (One of the uplift tubes is white because I boiled it to sterilize after use in QT tank once).
The water column is a lot clearer now, and the plants are doing better too, especially since I went back to my regular fert schedule (note to self: don't change things!) Java ferns had been getting very pale, especially later in the day. Now they seem to have recovered, without going through leaf drop.
That new leaf on the buce 'isabella' in background is full size now-
To its left, water wisteria stem grew a lot taller. Looks better than ever.
Funny thing, if you look at the base, stem isn't actually in the substrate. Some of the lower end decayed but as long as the roots continue to hold it down, I don't mind.

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