02 January 2018

plants over water

Once again I set some of my houseplants over dishes of water, to get enough humidity while I was gone on a trip and they wouldn't get watered for over ten days. Not all of them needed this... The coleus needed it most; all the smaller ones were seriously wilted when I returned, but they bounced back quickly.
The others did just fine.
The parlor palms are too big to set over a water dish; I put a bowl of water between the two and that seemed to work just as well.
I think the spider plants in particular appreciated the extra local humidity- I haven't done a plant spa day in a long time nor have I been misting them yet this winter... but now they have perked up a lot.
One that is going to continue sitting in a dish of water is my emersed-growing pennywort (hydrocotyle). It looks much happier in constant damp this way.

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