31 January 2018

baby catfish update

At what point do you call a young fish 'juvenile' instead of 'fry'? My little Lucky is really growing. It seems especially eager to eat the gold pearls; I'm trying to feed those- but a smaller pinch due to having to cull snails (I took over 50 MTS out of the tank last week) once a day. Other feedings alternate between shrimp pellets, hikari loach wafers, betta flake, tropical fish flake, NLS pellet, algae wafers once a week. I'm feeding twice a day regularly (used to often just offer once a day) and sometimes three times a day, if the portions are smaller. So far the fry appears ok with this- as far as I can tell. I'm not crushing the food up- it still seems to feed a lot off leaf surfaces, poking among the windelov fern-
and all the foods except perhaps NLS pellets, soon soften with the adults breaking it up and scattering little bits around.

I haven't managed to keep up with daily photos, but here's a few in sequence from the past few days. Sun 01/28:
Mon 01/29:
Tue 01/30. I notice the gold ring of its eyes more, now.
I still often try to get a clear photo of Lucky next to an adult, to see how its size progresses. It's not as shy of their company, anymore. When an adult swims up to it- seeming oblivious to its presence- the fry sits still until the last moment and then pops up and glides ahead- a little skip motion. Sometimes I don't even see it on the substrate until it skips up ahead of the moving adult, it is so well camouflaged against the background. In fact, all the peppered cories blend in so well you'd look at this tank and often think it's just plants, until something moves. It's like my tank holds a secret.

Lucky near the leaf litter:
Adult moving through behind it:
Another moment the fry tucked itself under crypt parva leaves.
Fry with Momma nearby-

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