03 October 2017

plants in the window tank

I moved in the last, smallest crypt retrospiralis. I've read that this is one of the tougher crypts and does fine in lower temps, so I thought to put them all in my unheated tank. Of course they're melting now, but all have new roots growing out! I held down a few with stones to keep them in place while they root themselves. Planning to add a bit more substrate, too. There's Perry on the left.

I also moved into here two small buces from the main tank- they are getting too much algae now so I thought would do better in here (the other portion of that 'emerald green' buce went into my tenner). I'm thinking of putting a few of the taller anubias in here, too. I can't see them well where they are situated in the background of my main tank, and they get algae from too much light now, as well. Came across an account where a guy left his tank on vacation, and the thermostat was turned down so low to save energy that when he came back it was just a few degrees above freezing. Many of his plants died (and all his fish) but the crypts grew back, and the anubias didn't suffer at all. So.

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