06 October 2017

new plants! came in the mail

for my main tank. I ordered from a different company this time- WetPlants- figured it would get to me quick as they are located relatively close in NY.

Aponos are not out yet... but their replacement is capuronii bulbs, which probably won't grow out the roots in the few days' overlap. So they can start to adjust in the tank, and get moved into their location after I pull the crispus. Hm, these bulbs don't quite look like the one I got before (from a diff seller). They look- kinda yuck. But hey, if they grow I'm fine with it.
I was also a bit surprised at the crypt parva- I guess I should have paid more attention to the description and ordered a grown pot of it. I got two crowns, and they're three times the height crypt parva grows in my tank. Probably it will melt and revert to smaller size... I was looking forward to separating out tons of tiny plants to fill the foreground of my tenner with this... not happening now.
Here it's in the tank- there's an established (if that's the right word) crypt parva just in front of it on the left. (Nice bolbitis behind!)
The crypt balansae is really robust looking! Its strapping leaves twice the width of mine in tank- but the roots are really scrawny. I wiggled them down into substrate and they held okay.
Well, I don't have a full tank shot yet because it's looking really disorganized now.... in a few days I'm finally pulling out those aponogetons, and re-situating some of these new plants, and then -waiting for it to grow in again.

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