12 July 2017

small changes

on my window tank last week. This one also had higher nitrates than I expected, especially since I don't dose ferts in here. It was 30ppm so I did a 50% wc. Thinking why is it higher. Because I removed a large amount of hornwort earlier in the week? Too much fish load? Overfeeding...?
I moved the filter to sit near a corner and flow goes across the width of the tank now, not from short end across the entire length. It keeps the floating plants from piling into a corner so much with the current.
Here's a picture of the few bucephalandra I moved in here to try.
Saw a small green leaf near this bunch of hornwort- its on bottom left of the rocks that hold the stems down- at first I thought it was a small java fern leaf,  but I don't have java fern right there. I looked closer- it's that bit of of cryptocoryne rhizome sprouting!
Baby windelov ferns I fastened onto stones are all growing bigger. They seem to do better tied down with the small hair bands- some of the ones with glue come loose.
In fact a whole tiny sheet of the superglue detached with all its baby ferns, and drifted to rest against the base of the hornwort stems. I just left it there.
Bonus pic of my blue ramshorn snail on the tank seam.

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