15 July 2017

from friday

Main tank nothing exceptional this week, except that my Amano shrimp have molted again- they look huge! Because one serpae tetra with bitten fins had what looked like a bit of white fungus on the torn dorsal, I have been doing small partial wc, daily. The fishes loved it (and the suspected fungus spot disappeared by thur- now it looks like healthy clear fin growing back). Some of the plants didn't. Hornwort has converted to short, denser needles again. Crypts are dropping some leaves. My serpaes are so quick and enthusiastic to eat the mosquito larvae I gather for them, there is none left at all to fall to the bottom. I'd feel bad for the kuhlis, but I know when I feed aphids it will be their turn to gorge.

Subwassertang is one plant happy enough with the lower nutrients; its grown up so much starting to lift off the basket mesh surface. Time for a serious trim. There will be plenty to give to the baby serpae in the window tank, so it can feed off the aufwuchs.

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